Title Exams

A title examination is required during the exchange of ownership in commercial real estate property. The title exam provides all parties with information regarding a property's ownership history and includes a summary of all recorded outstanding interests in the property. The purpose of the exam is to provide the buyer and the buyer's lender with the information required to pursue and close on full ownership of a property.

Guaranty's exams are conducted by our all attorney Examination Team, Beth Sheehan and Matthew Foli. They identify and summarize any obstacles to full ownership which may include liens, incorrect legal descriptions and other types of unsatisfied claims against a property.

Together with our all attorney Closing Team, they develop a strategy for resolution of any encumbrances revealed in the title search. The purpose of this effort is to maximize the resources and expertise of the team in providing viable solutions to the client. The entire GUARANTEAM undertakes this process with an all encompassing concern and drive to serve the clients ownership objectives.